Cut both bevelled and square edges

I’m going to be making myself pickguards for my bass ukes. Each has bevelled and square edges. How do I tell Easel which edge needs to be bevelled and which square?

you can set them into their own workpiece and use different bit selections on them.
And by placing a 0 depth shape on top of the area that needs to be cut with the other bit, one can achieve cutting a part with a Vbit and the other part with the Endmill.

However this method does come with it’s drawbacks, caveats, and limitations. BUT it’s the best one can do within Easel…

Here, the shape is a circle, the bottom is cut with an endmill and the top half is carved with a Vbit. I covered up the opposite halves with a rectangle set to 0 depth…

I see. I’ll have to experiment with it. This is what I have.

Here’s what I was able to do with your instruction. I assume I export two separate files, then cut two times.

Pickguard covered 1
Pickguard covered 2
Pickguard covered 3
Pickguard covered 4

Yep. and you can separate them using the “workpieces” tab at the bottom in easel to be able to setup multiple carves within the same project and assign the bits as desired…

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