Cut depth done in XCarve is a lot more than that defined in Easel

Hi, I believe I must miss something here. In Easel I defined the depth of a pattern to 1/8 inch and cut in by my new XCarve 500x500. I use the zero probe so i assume the z-zero is correct. I have an ACME thread and i set it in the setup before the cut. It turns out to cut a depth of about 3/8 inch…

Any idea on why this happened and any pointers to fix it?

thanks a lot in advance,

First we need to determine wether the offset is a workflow (user) error or if its a calibration issue (hardware).

Place a ruler up against the spindle and try to move (jog) the spindle 1" up/down. How far does it actually move?

Also measure your “Z” probe plate thickness and then make sure that is what is listed in machine setup.

This… My default setup for the probe was off … check that first before making any adjustments…

thank you for the reply!
I measured the move in z direction, when i specified moving up 1/4 inch, the spindle moved 1/4 inch. so i assume the hardware is good. there seems to be some software/configuration issues here.

thanks again

hmmm, i guess there is only one type of the z probe plate (and Easel already takes that into account)?

do you mind sharing where to set the plate thickness in Easel?

thanks for the pointer!

that is a valid point as well, but i did enable ‘z’ probe for getting the ‘zero’ in z direction.

Check this link…