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Cut depth problems

I am cutting names ( of trying to) out of maple veneer plywood. I have a cut depth issue that i cant seen to get past. Tried securing the material better, adjusting cut depth, feed rate ect… I cant get this to cut the depth consistently. Thinking maybe I should get a bit setter but I have not changed cut bits or made adjustments so the depth should be the same. I have attached a pic of the issue. Thanks for any assistance. Using 60 degree at 125 , 9 plunge, and .042 depth per pass router is set on 3 ( not that that matters here).

To start you need to turn the router back to 1 because 3 is way to fast. Not sure how big the letters are but i would try a 1/16" bit and see what that does.

Hey again Edward :call_me_hand:

I think we covered it in the Easel FB group, but if you split the design into multiple sections and set z zero directly atop each section you can correct almost all of the issue regarding a non-parallel (to the spindle plane) top surface… it does mean more effort on you part and longer overall carve time, but It’s the best way to use plywood with a vbit since it really can’t be surfaced flat :+1: