Cut is 5" larger than in easle

My project was supposed to be 16" tall and it ended up being 23" why? Width is correct. Can anyone help?

It seems you need to calibrate your machine. Here is a video as to how to accomplish this task.

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Phillips manual calibration method works great (i share this video at at least 3 times a day across various platforms) and if you want to get perfect calibration it is the best method…

But your values happen to be off by the same amount as the value differences of the old xcarve vs new xcarve. . . meaning i think you may have recently redone the machine setup process and accidentally selwcted the wrong year model of the xcarve from the options. The quicker fix is to redo the machine setup and select the right version…

al be it Phillips method is more accurate than the default values if you want to go that route, it just takes a little longer than just redoing the machine setup :wink:

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