Cut is consistently too long on Y Axis

To start, my problem is that any cut I make is consistently too long on the on the Y Axis, no matter the file or size of the shape (been using squares to test)

Ok so I’m by no means an xcarve expert but I am a machinist so I feel like I should be able to figure this out. I haven’t played with editing any gcode for it yet, everything I have done is straight through easel, though I plan to post from fusion and mastercam once I’m going.

I bought my machine second hand from someone who wasnt the brightest bulb in the knife drawer. Most everything was wrong so I went through it and set belt tension to spec, vwheels are to spec, recalibrated the pots on the controller, reflashed the firmware on the controller, verified and reinstalled the driver, and verified both belts were the 2gt and reseated each wire connection. After all that every single cut is .110 too long on the Y Axis. It’s consistent with no match lines between depth passes.

If anyone has some suggestions I’d love to hear them. I’ve covered every base I can think of.

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Regardless of the length of cut or is the error proportional to the length of cut?

I would really double check belts, make sure their teeth are all uniform and in good shape. Ive had a similar issue and it was due to the belt stretching and some were not uniform. Are you setting them at 3ish lbs @ 1 inch? Also how old are they? second hand could be some beat up belts especially if you said dude didnt know what he was doing. might just replace them.

Check your $101 in your machine inspector and calibrate the axis. I use a yard stick with mm and a vbit to calibrate my axis’. Double check the squareness of the x and y also verify both y rails are parallel. Paw Paws workshop on youtube has 2 videos covering both of those topics specific to the Xcarve and I use the same methods with great results.


Is 0.110 a metric or imperial measurement. 0.110 microns is very small.

make sure belts are tensioned properly and the Eccentric nuts on all axises are set properly… THEN you can perform this manual calibration process. Make sure to record these values because WHEN easel prompts you to redo the machine setup it WILL set these settings back to default values… How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration - YouTube

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