Cut list optimization

Just drew up a cabinet and the cut list (table saw) is literally all over the place. It seems to place parts willy nilly and no sense of actually saving wood in any usable size. There are 6 pieces on my list that are all 25.5" long and they are in 3 separate columns and zero are lines up for a cross cut.

I have attached the cut list and how it would seem to get much more utilization from the wood and less offcut that is not a useable size.
Cut list.pdf (808.6 KB)

For reference, this is how cut list optimizer recommends


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Hey William

Easel Cabinetmaker takes grain direction into consideration when nesting, which is part of the reason our output looks different compared to Cut LIst Optimizer. We have plans to make grain direction an optional consideration when generating cut lists in Easel Cabinetmaker, but for the moment it is a default setting.

This is great input as we outline improvements for additional developments with cut lists, thank you! Continuous improvement is core to our process – we appreciate this feedback that helps outline how we can make Easel Cabinetmaker more valuable for our users.


Grain direction does and should matter to some - Especially drawer fronts compared to sides - but stretchers and nailers - probably not - and I can set cut list optimizer to do either and kind of what I hand drew on my first little page above.
The cut list optimizer output above does exactly that - it maintains the same grain among the sides and drawer fronts - but stretcher and nailers aren’t because no one will ever see them.

If I select MDF, it still does the same thing and that doesn’t have any grain.

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