Cut Microjig slots in spillboard

I am interested in cutting MicroJig v slots in the spillboard after mounting and surfacing. I am thinking of first carve that would clear slots with and end mill and circles at then end and then have the MicroJig bit go next and make a single pass down each slot line.

Is there a way in easel to create tool paths that plung the bit at the end and do not lift up until the end of the pass? Can this be done in Vcarve Pro?

Thanks in advance for any links or ideas others have had.

You could write the Gcode to lower to your defined depth, cut to your desired Y length, and raise up. Then index over your desired X and repeat for the next row. You could draw your parallel lines, create the code, and adjust the settings to cut one depth in one pass. Your jig looks like you use a dovetail bit on the last pass. There are also t shaped bits out there to do something similar.

Here I drew some parallel lines in Rhino, saved as a dxt, and imported the dxf into Easel.

Martin, thank you, will expand by ability to write Gcode and look at Rhino as an option. Thank you for the help!