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I’ve asked about this before and basically been told to use other software, but this just strikes me as odd… attached you will see a graphic of my project. the DXF was created as just a single set of concentric circles ID first, then OD… Import the DXF int Easel (pro) Copy 5 times… A is original, then the rest are in the order I pasted… E being the last one pasted… the numbers 1-10 are the order that the machine cut… no rhyme or reason… definitely not the most efficient pattern even if “A” didn’t cut the way I wanted it to, “B” should be exactly the same followed by “c” etc…

and to anyone who says, “oh just use this or that software” then why the hell am I PAYING to use easel?

this pic is a representation of the very next project I did… didn’t even close the browser… just file-new…created in exactly the same fashion as the previous…
the circles were slightly smaller, but the carve order was at least consistent.

Can you share the easel project?

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Easel toolpaths seem to me to be total insanity. I did a V-carve of a very curly SVG the other to try out an Easel pro free day and it literally went from side to side, do a little dib here, run over to the other side, later come back and re-dib where it was before, it’s just gruesome to watch.
With g-code from F-engrave for the same design there was a bit of back and forward, but nothing as crazy as Easel. Even for fairly simple designs it goes al over the place, do a bit in one pocket, jump over to start a different one, then go somewhere else.
In my case I don’t pay for the pro version, so it doesn’t actually upset me.

You do not need Easel Pro to cut circles and regular Easel is FREE … just sayin’ …


Brandon Parker

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Ran into this same issue. My post here:

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