Cut out project question

Hey everyone, first post and newbie to the x carve. I have looked for this issue or question but haven’t seen it so I figured to ask for help.

I attempted and successfully completely my first own project without any errors and cutting was on point! perfect! But my question is with this cut and now a different one why is easel forcing my project to make to compete cut outs??

Seems like a waste of time and uneeded use on the bit.

Attached is a picture of what I was working on, just a cut out of the state of Indiana. only one bit was able to do the job. I used tabs. But it completely cut it out minus the tabs then moved to the outline area of where it just cut and redid the whole cut… . It shows in blue on the sim passes that it was planning on it the whole time which i missed because i didn’t notice. But since then I can’t find a way to stop it. I feel I’m wasting time having it do that second pass. ?

Thanks for the help and time! looking forward to many projects and convos!


I’d have to see the actual job page…(if you could share the project…make it public)
However I believe what you have is an imaged traced on both sides of the black line…thus two tool paths. Tabs are being applied to one path and not the other.

The reason you are seeing two tool paths (Blue lines in the preview) is because When you import an image like this Easel traces both the inside of the black line and the outside. Zoom in as close as possible to your image and I am sure you will see two vectors. Delete the inner or outer vector and your issue of the machine wanting to carve a second path will be resolved. You may have to add tabs again.

It is also possible that you will have to “Node Edit” to delete one of the vectors. If you cannot select one vector or the other (if Easel treats them as one object) then double click on one of the lines. When you do this you will see both lines and a series of white dots all along the line. Place your cursor over one of these dots and click on it… It should turn blue. Tap the Delete button on your keyboard and delete the nodes of one of these double lines until the line is completely gone.

I’m sure someone else may have a more efficient method, but this works for me when I import similar images and have similar issues.

AWESOME! Thanks for the help, i had to delete a bunch of the nodes but it worked and removed the second pass!!

Thanks Robert!