Cut outs inside of larger cut out

I’m trying to cut small icon type figures that will be inside of a larger object. Like a state with items that represent things that of that state. Tried the inlay, but each figure item should be cut out, but attached to each other inside of the state outline. Any suggestion on how to do this?

Can you post a picture or an example project?

Here is what I’m doing with a scroll saw, would like to do it in easel.

Got it - neat!

There are a couple of ways to go about it. The simplest will have the X-Carve completely mill out the cut-out areas, but that will take the longest time. Using your picture as an example, you’d start with two Texas shapes, one bigger set to 0 depth with an outline cut (basically defining the border in the shape of Texas), and a smaller one placed inside the bigger one set to full depth and fill cut (defining the cut-out area in the center). Then, for all of the shapes you wanted in the middle, you’d add them in, on top of the Texas shapes (you might have to use the right-click > send backward/bring forward options) set to 0 depth and fill cut. You’d obviously have to have some overlap to ensure all of the shapes and border are linked together.

The way to produce your design quicker would be to just have the X-Carve cut out the… …well, cut-outs… …rather than mill them down completely. You’d need to do some work in an application outside Easel (i.e. Inkscape) to create one big shape of everything that you wanted to cut (state border and all the goodies in the middle), then you could import into Easel and tell it to just do an outline cut on everything.