Cut path on imported SVG file

Could I please ask for your help with this.
I have imported an SVG file and for some reason, the “cut path” drop down options do not appear so I cannot change the cut path.
Thank you

Click on any part of the image. Use your keyboard to Ctrl-A to select all, and your cut path and depth should appear in a toolbar.

Can you share the SVG or easel project?

Hi Neil,

Many thanks for your reply, here is the file we are trying to cut.

cup grippe excluding holes (1)

Hi Jordan,

This is exactly what I have been doing, but the options to change the cut path do not appear

Are all the lines to be cut? Or just the outermost profile?

I’m not sure what this is or how you want to cut it, but I saved the SVG you posted above and created a new project in Easel and imported it. I am able to see (and adjust) the cut depth.

Here is a link to the project. Can you adjust things in this one?

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