Cut paths in easel not behaving as exspected

I do not know if I am not using Easel correctly. I am importing a simple .svg file from illustrator. it is a circle. When I click on outline-inside it does not produce a cut. When I click on Outline - path it correctly displays a path with half the path on either side of the line. When I click Outline - outside it doubles the size of the path of the Outline - Path and half of the path lies on either side of the line.

So my questions are why is Outline - inside not showing a cut line. and why is Outline - Outside not behaving correctly and putting the cut path on the outside of the path.

FYI the path is only 1 pt thick in illustrator.

Can you post the SVG ?

Here is the svg file

sorry here is the file.

well that is not it. how should I post the svg? the above link is the file imported into easel. not the actual svg.

Ok. I think I fiquared it out. Tell me if I am right or wrong. I was expanding the path line, causing my path line to become an outline on the inside and outside of each pathline. I just didnt see it because the outlines were so small. I had to zoom in really close to see the inner and outer outline for each path line.

Am I close?

I think you have it there. Easiest way to import a shape to cut out is to fill it with grey or black before saving it as an .svg and then import it. Alternately, save the filled sHpe in a .jpg file and use the import picture function in Easel. While importing it, check the “outline” box in the dialog. You will then have a shape that you can use the “outline - outside” option and it will then leave the full dimension of your part.