Cut settings...feed rate...depth per pass

I’ve done a fair amount of searching on here and find a lot of info but not specifically what I’m curious about.

So in cut settings are three choices. Feed rate , plunge depth, and depth per pass. I plan on doing a lot of pine carving and I don’t see a setting and the stock settings seem slow but I don’t really know that at all.

What can I increase safely ?

Depth per pass is obvious explanation to me and I would think if it’s an eighth bit you should be able to go .125 per pass…same with a quarter bit… .25 per pass? Am I way off on this ?

And what does feed rate mean ? Speed? Can I increase ?

And plunge depth I don’t get at all.

Thanks guys.

Man am I slow lately ! Just found the support section from investable so with literally everything I could want to know. Be back in a few days of good reading.

@Seven glad to know you found it! I’m dropping a link in case anyone else comes across it: Calculating Your Cut Settings: Basic Feeds and Speeds Information – Inventables

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