Cut Settings Options

I am fully aware that the recommended cut settings that are loaded into easel are listed as they are for user safety, tool longevity, cut quality, and performance. However, I have people that are wanting to have me make a few signs for them, the problem I am running into is time. I can cheat it here and there for my carve speed but its less than ideal and quite frankly, I am nervous when I do it. I have a 24X17.5 sign that I am trying to price. It’s one inch thick and the relief area(that is probably 75-90% of the total shape) is not being cut very deer. The time on it is over 15 hours using the recommended settings on the bits. Anyone else run into this and what did you do to fix it, if anything.

As you gain experience you can increase the speeds and feeds, for example for simple flattening I may go up to 5,000 mm/min with a 1mm depth of cut and a 40% step over.

Many of the suggested setting will cause your bits to make dust instead of chips & overheat.