Cut settings too aggressive?

I am doing outline cuts in reclaimed 1/2" pine. Some of this material is over 100 yrs old and very hard for pine. Are the following setting to aggressive?

1/4" 2 flute upcut end mill
Feed = 50in / min
Plunge = 24 in / min
DOC = .1 in

Fairly new at this and trying to figure out the best way to turn these out in the shortest amount of time with less hand sanding in the end. I do know that I need a new bit to replace the one I am currently using, but haven’t been able to pick up one yet.


if your spindle will handle it I run at about 100 ipm and about 50ipm plunge. Listen to your spindle motor You might want to slow it down if you are getting dust instead of chips.
On my machine even 100 ipm is not that fast I sometimes go up to 5000 mm pm.

@AnthonyBAldridge , Thanks for the response. I am currently using the Bosch Colt (came with the x-carve). I have tried both 16K and 24K rpm. 16K seems to give me a cleaner cut and more defined chip size, but still not great. So, I guess this is really pointing toward the fact that my bit is shot and I need a new one. I have only had the x-carve for a month and still dialing everything in.

Suspect that you should try higher feed speeds, as long as the router does not sound like it is working too hard. I go by feel a lot but have a lot of experience with the tools.

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