Cut the Fuzz - Wood Fuzz inside carve

Is machine setup the main cause for this fuzz within carved areas, or bit or wood choice the main cause?

Here’s my latest carve (close up of the top of a bottle). I tried painting over to see if it would make them lay down. It helped a little but still fighting this. I can sand it in the big open areas, but all the small areas and near edges are unsandable. (for note, this is an edge-glued panel of Aspen wood from the big box store)


I get a lot of fuzz with aspen panels as well…I use a brass brush right after the carve to get a lot of the fuzz off.

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The photo looks like there are small holes in the wood. After getting fuzz removed or as much as possible fill with puddy then sand since you are painting the project

Forgot the wire brush trick. Thanks @ErikJenkins.

And know the photo is a sucky one, but all dots in the white paint area are all raised wood ‘fuzz’

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