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Cut times, how long is too long

What is the longest cut time you have ever had? So i have a project that is telling me 24 hours. How long is too long? Im sure it not good for the machine to run that long.

That’s a really long carve. Are you using the default settings? Is your machine stock? If you can share the project there might be someone that can recommend some optimizations.


Brandon Parker

A 30min carve that should only use 3min is a really long carve :wink:
A 2x4foot long relief carve could easily require several hours…

The machine should take it, but its not advisable to run unattended for that long - simply due to the risk of failure. The router dont need much time to burn wood if something gets loose.
Dividing the project into smaller, manageable portions would be better suited.

Share the project, or atleast show us what you wish to do and we may be able to suggest a viable workflow :slight_smile:
this one of the projects Im trying. Have done it a few times but smaller. Trying a large one.

The project isnt set to public, you need to click save before closing the URL box (Been there, done that :wink: )

sent it to you in a message where is save

image (2)


Brandon Parker