Cutting a board that’s longer than waste board

Has any one cut more than 30” long projects. I need to cut 48” long sides to a box. I remember seeing someone on YouTube doing it but I don’t think they were using Easel.

It’s called tiling. Search the forum or Google (add CNC to the search) and you’ll find plenty of info.

But can it be done with Easel?

There’s a new built in tiling capability (released yet?).
You can also do it without that feature. You just need two references to ensure proper alignment.
I’m sure @PhillipLunsford has a video… Maybe he can provide a link.

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Longest piece I have done myself was 2050mm long (168mm wide)

Yep Easel supports tiling! Here is more info on it:

I’ve recently cut components for a project from 10’ x 4’ boards using the tiling app. It works really well.
( @Brandon_Cullum ,I emailed you about it, can you check and get back to me. cheers)

@MichaelMcdermott I have many videos on tiling. Fo to my fan art play list to see exactly how to do it. Here is the s the link: