Cutting a circle into equal pieces

Is there a way to cut a circle into equal pieces like a pie? Example: cutting a circle int 16 equal pieces. Thanks

This is a little rough but is this what you are looking for?

Hey Wayne, I am trying to do a stand that’s got the similar shape that the ornament has, can you share where I might be able to read up on how you make the shape? I am trying to join a circle to a square. With this drawing you have it’s like two circles joined. I am new to easel and trying to figure it out,

Sorry there is some other junk on that file but on the last file i made a circle with 16 even sections.

@KevinCarroll1 Pawpaws workshop has a lot of videos to watch.

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Yes, would you ming sharing how you did that or a link to where I can learn to do it.

I just took a thin box and made a line then cetered it vertical. Did the same and centered one horizontol. Then copied and pasted and turned it 45 degree then copied and pasted it again and rotated it 22.5 degree. Then center each to the material. That one is a bit rogh and if you want to use it you may need to clean it up some.Pretty simple if you think about it.


Thank you

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