Cutting a design to stand out from the material

I have been practicing with Easel for a bit now and am getting better with each piece of wood I turn to sawdust. I know the fill gut will remove all of a design inside the lines. What is it called, or how do you remove all of the area outside the design to make it stand out above the rest of the board.

Generally the fill command is creating a pocket. Most third party CAM software will refer to this operation as a pocket.

If you wanted to have basically an island in the middle, you would need two shapes and you can set the one in the middle to 0 cut depth.

I hope I’m understanding your question!


Thanks for the reply, you are understanding my question correctly. I want the carving to stand out from the rest of the board. so I would set my drawing in easel to zero depth, and the rest of the area say down .25". How do you work that out in Easel?


No problem! I did a quick mock up in Easel HERE, hope it helps.

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Rusty made a great mockup.

You make a rectangle the size of your piece if you would like to remove all the material except for the center shapes.

Then basically just make sure your rectangle is sent all the way to the back, right? So it doesn’t over-write whatever else you have on your image?

The layering thing is sometimes confusing to me.

Thanks everyone I will give that a try. Rusty, thanks for the star, I will give it a try soon.

No problem! Hope you project works out for you!