Cutting a piece over top of another piece

If I want to cut out a big “B”, on top of the big “B” I want to put my last name across the “B”, How do I get the writing to go over the “B”. Everything I have tired the “B” still comes out under my name. I have not found anyway to erase what I don’t want to be seen. Any help on this. Dave

perhaps you could draw out an example so that we can see what you describe.

Not sure if the image comes through or not, I copied and pasted (67.6 KB)

select the B.
right click
send to back

set the name to zero depth of cut

That did not work

I did that, the letters disappeared except where it goes through the big “B”

is this what you want ?

That is it, so now how did you do it

you need a square behind the whole design to be cut lower than every thing else. The name is zero depth and the B is anywhere in between zero and the square depth


Thank you for your help

I got it, thanks a million

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you’re welcome