Cutting a shape from flat wood - Daughter & father Journey

Hi Guys, as part of my 12 year olds schooling, we have set a father and daughter project of creating a house sign. Of course, being the educator (lol) I need to know how to do the job before completing it with my daughter. I am new to CNC, my skills lie with coz and fibre laser. The daughter has managed do to some lovely lettering carved into cheap softwood however I’m a little stuck of how to do the cut out? Can someone share which bit I would need and direct me to some relevant information. I have googled, but cant seem to find this beginner stuff. Thank you Paul and Ellie.

If it’s a sign in wood the best but you can use for the carving is a downcut spiral then use an upcut for cutting the final profile.

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Can you be more specific on what you’re trying to do?

Sorry for being so vague. So, the project is to make and design a house sign. The daughter is doing her bit and doing a design, but I’m trying to keep a step ahead of her and pretend (lol) I know what Im doing.
We have managed some letters with a v bit, however Im stumped on how to cut the shape of the sign out? Should I use a band saw or alike? or is it something that can be done on the cnc?
thank you. Paul and Ellie.

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The outline of the sign absolutely can be cut on the CNC. My recommendation if you’re continuing with these lessons would be to teach her to use a graphic design program like inkscape and/or a solid modeling program to create shapes for cutting out. You can cobble in together in Easel, but Easel is less versatile and singularly focused. That said, if all you want to do is cut the sign, I’m sure you can find a sign shape online and use it in Easel.

It might be worth your time to check out Paw Paw’s Workshop You Tube video. Lots of information posted by a member from the forums here.


Maybe she should teach you, let her play around in easel and see what she comes up with

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Will take a look there also. I thought asking these basic questions here may help other members to, be it now or in the future.
How does moving from roughing bit to a detail bit work, can anyone recommend a video? (No idea what happening with my username)


That’s a great idea! I’ll suggest that to her and see what creative ideas she can come up with on the easel. Thanks for the suggestion!
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create a box the size of her sign, set to wood depth and cut out. if it is large, a 1/4" bit is best

Many thanks Martin, will be concentrating on this over the weekend.

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