Cutting against grain

Can I get chips in my projects if I don’t cut against the grain?

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I only get chips in my project when there’s salsa and margarita in the shop…

But for real, chips are not simply a result of cutting across the grain, there are many ways to end up with chipped sections. So simply carving with the grain will not remove the possibility of chipping, however it may reduce the likelyhood of it from project to project… IMO it’s a process of minimizing the likelihood of chipping out, going parallel to wood grain is one of many steps that can help to minimize the effect.


Maybe not chips but you have the possibility of tearout.

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Oh maybe tear out is the word for it.

At first I though my step over was to high but I had it at 20% 1/8 bit 5 by 5 small project.

I lowered the step over and cut against the grain and now it is coming out nice
But the estimated time was like 50 min is that normal?
Im cutting 3D blades of grass…

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