Cutting bigger than machine

Hello this might be a silly question, but I’m still new 1st off wow would I have payed extra to have it halfway put together lol it’s been 2 weeks and we’re still trying to get it together. Anyways I have a request for a 5 ft word sign I know it doesn’t cut that big but my question is if I cut it in 2 parts would just wood gluing it together be the best way to secure it maybe even a small bracket even?

Type in tiling on the search bar and you will find all kinds of ways. You can do the whole 5’ piece if you tile it.

@MeganCuster. Tiling is not hard. Here is a playlist of several videos on

Thank you I hadn’t even give it a thought that you could do a big project all in one I’ll check it out! It’s all new so it’ll be a lot to learn about the bits and depth