Cutting board handle only

Is there a way to cut the handle only? I have a 12x24 board I want a handle on, but everything I find is a complete board. I literally want only the handle that way the bit isn’t running around the whole board just for the handle

You can use the line tool and make a path for just the handle or import an SVG of a handle you want.
Or create a path that is closed but doesn’t cut on the board only the shape of the handle

I"ve looked online for a svg but everything is more like making a template. How would I make the path?
Easel - cheese boards.html (10.4 KB)

Check your dm

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Or you could download a cutting board with a handle you like and block out the board with a rectangle with zero depth pocket cut. All that cuts will be the handle.


Thanks will try!

Ya! Thats another way to make cool open shapes or make layers to a carve

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