Cutting Board Juice Groove

What’s the best setup to do a juice groove in a 1" thick Cherry cutting board? I have a curved bit with a 1/4" shank I can use. Looking in the design gallery imagine I could just use a rectangle, but wanted to see who else has done this and examples of how others have done this. Thank you!

I use a 5/8 curved bit and the corners come out slightly rounded.orks well for me


What settings did you use to configure that bit? Did you add it as a custom bit? How did you define the settings? There doesn’t seem to be an option in Easel to add this type of bit. I have a 5/8" curved bit just like you described. I appreciate the help!

I have a 3/8 round bit for this. Easel did not give me that option so I just called it a straight bit. Made my path and set it to cut on line. Set the depth on the path and hit carve. Mine was an end grain board so I fed it slow. however I did get burn marks so I think its a delicate dance in the settings that you have to work through.