Cutting Boards - Bamboo w/ Epoxy Inlay

Decided to make a batch for sale, if I ever get around to it.

Used the epoxy inlay as outlined by David Picciuto , most are tinted black, but I did have some success with Blue & Red.

After sanding I used Bees Wax & Food Safe Mineral Oil for the finish and sealing…

This is my fav. and my entry into the cutting board challenge.
Easel Project available Here

:musical_note:I couldn’t if I tried :musical_note:

This one will probably be considered B-stock, bonus points if you saw the mistake right away :wink:

West World Maze(s) - sorrry, I liked the show

Blue tint to match the blue handle

House Stark

Just Because…Winter is coming.

Red inlay on a piece of Wall art I did for my house.

Let me know what you guys think! Also, I have no idea what to charge, any advice would be helpful!


thanks! right on, that’s why I’m putting them out there.

I made a deal with a local hardwood company to buy their bamboo and maple scraps cheap, the other more artisan looking boards I was able to find at HomeGoods, really inexpensive.


Looks amazing.

I’ve got a local cabinet shop that sells scraps…usually get some really nice pieces of wood for a good price. They have some issues but if you carve the issues out, it’s all good.

oh good idea! guess I have some phone calls to make tomorrow

@TylerBennett Really nice cuttingboards! How Do you tint the epoxy?

I used water based food coloring. i know people say the water based coloring will weaken the resin, but i was looking into dyes and powders… it was hard to find one that even said "non-toxic’ . if anyone has suggestions, please share.

I ran a test board using very little of the food coloring, maybe 3-5 drops in the entire mix, the Judgmental Panda from inventables;

once it was all finished and ready I did a stress test with a butcher knife and as you can tell it held up nicely. If you have suggestions and/or links to the products, please let me know :slight_smile:


These are really awesome! I’ve experimented with epoxy inlays on a smaller scale and my issue has been bubbles: I use Castin Clear polyester epoxy resin, add 3 drops of acrylic paint, and catalyst as per instructions - even with a heat gun/blow torch I still get bubbles. What type of epoxy have you used any other tips on avoiding bubbles?

They look fantastic!

Just my two cents but you might not want to sell the GOT ones. HBO might take issue with that. They probably would never see them but I always feel it better to play it safe than sorry.

Excellent work, these look great. I’ve heard good thing about special tinting pigments for epoxy, might be worth checking out. Keep up the good work!

@ChrisKlenner I had a few bubbles when I tried it on softer woods, talked to a painter and they recommended using a sealer first. But I did read that if you use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, or mister, it causes the bubbles to rise and pop, untested though. pour slow and tap the sides repeatedly for about 30 seconds to help it settle. Alumilite Clear Cast , i paid wayyy less than that at michael’s. maybe $15

@RickPeterson Yeah I thought about that too, hopefully no trouble cause it’s a small run. good looking out though.

@MarkShanley i just ordered the glow in the dark, blue powder tint that I’ve seen a lot of in tutorials, but I’m sure that can’t be food safe lol

@RobertCanning & @PhilJohnson I’m gonna try both of your suggestions.

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Which is the exact water based coloring that you use?
I use Wilton food-coloring but the black is really tricky and I need a alternativ to it.

Here is a new example from a Cuttingboard, in this case more a rollingboard :smiley:


I use the epoxy from artresins it is food Safe and good the Assemble… To avoid bubbles I use Before epoxy a sealer to close the wood in the pockets

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Use a blowtorch and point the flame over the surface to get the bubbles out, works like a charm. Move the torch fast enough so you don’t burn the wood and your golden.

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How did you add the grease ring? Looking to do that on some of our cutting boards.


Radiused rectangle carve, using a ball bit.

Sorry for such a late reply.
I drew a box about 1" from the border of my board.
Cut on Path Shape .25 in
I used a 90 deg 1/4 in SHK bit
Cut settings:
Feed rate 50 in/min
Plunge rate 20 in/min
Depth per pass 0.05 in

Hope this helps and is not too late.

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Oh wow! I love these! I sold about 20 cases of custom boards last Christmas and would love to make mine dark like this.

@TylerBennett How did you carve the Flag?

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I love the american flag one!

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Thanks! it’s been 4 years since so I may be forgetting a step or two, but I just made the design public and will include it below.

The flag was based on an art piece by Jay Kelly seen here: Resolve - Flag Collage
It was a piece of background art from the movie ‘Southland Tales’.

I simplified it a bit in Illustrator, and saved it as an SVG. Carved with a 1/32" bit, filled with food dye + epoxy (yes, I know food dye is not the best for tinting) then used a table router for the edges. Hung it below a Norman Rockwell painting on my wall. seemed fitting.

Does the standard easel (not pro) not allow for PNG image trace anymore?

Copy of TB Flag
Hope this helps! if you make one be sure to share it with me.

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