Cutting cardboard and chipboard

Just wondering how the edges come out when cutting cardboard, but specifically chipboard.

I want to do art related projects. It doesn’t have to be super clean, but a nice smooth cut would be great.

Any samples, pics??

Thanks. Half way through my xcarve build.


Cardboard and chipboard are abrasive and will quickly dull an endmill.

If you wish to cut them’ my suggestion is you source or make a drag knife:

Cool. thanks for the info

Laser works well on cardboard and is fast. I’ve not tried chipboard though.

Thanks, I did see a few Laser solutions. Looks interesting.

Going to try the dragknife first, much easier for a non-electronics guy. Much less to go wrong too.


Quick question on the Drag Knife subject.

Can you ‘tile’ like with the drill bits?

What do you mean by tile?

Usually it’s just a through cut.

On some materials one can make a partial cut or score for a fold.

Tiling…as cutting a project larger than your workarea. I want to do the 1 large piece as opposed to many individual tiles.

The router bit version drills a hole which you use on the second cut after you move it, to get back to a 0 position.

I was just wondering how a blade might do that. (or maybe you can zero with the bit, put in the blade, cut, reposition, put in bit, zero, and then put the blade back in. ??? who knows Im new.


I’d cut a set of notches and register on them.