Cutting Cardboard Tips?

I’m using an X-Carve 1000mm with a Dewalt 611 Spindle. I have 2 Onsrud bits 1/4" and 1/8" cutting diameters.

Does anyone have tips or settings for cutting cardboard? I’m getting pretty rough edges.

EDIT: Including ideas on bits…


What are you trying to cut?

I was thinking maybe a laser cutter?

Something along the lines of this


Another example would be this:

Hi Robert, it’s about 1.5mm thick, and to me it’s cardboard like old 12" Vinyl album covers.

Silouette Cameo 2. I keep meaning to post a thread about this for template making… It’s specs say the deep cut blade can do 2mm and its orders of magnitude cheaper than a laser cutter.


hmm could you post a link to the exact product that you are trying to cut and i might be of some help for you

Knife or laser. Never got clean edges with a spindle on card/board/cardboard/paper. Laser is more practical and usable on other materials but more expensive than a blade.