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Cutting Coroplast

Any suggestions for cutting 6mm Coroplast (corrugated plastic)? I was looking at a drag knife, but don’t really want to spend the $$ on it if I can avoid it. I saw another post about using an endmill that seemed to work well. Im wondering if the cut would be clean enough? I need sharp edges.

If I do go that route, would it be best to add a thin board under the coroplast to save my wasteboard?


I would suggest either a downcut, or straight endmill.

I made a Frequency Sign using Coroplast - “Project File.” I tried a typical 1/8" 2 flute downcut and upcut bit but the edges were somewhat rough. I switched to an Inventables Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill #30238-02 and the cuts were clean.


I’m curious, do you have any pictures? I’m assuming this is similar to the material USPS boxes are made out of?

It is similar to corrugated cardboard only made from plastic. Available in different colors and a few different thicknesses.


Did it work?

We’ll see this weekend. Gotta finish my build first.

I think the determining factor for me will be speed. The Donek sounds like it will cut significantly faster than an endmill, which may pay for itself very quickly!

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in the UK its brand name is correx, weve made signage from it at work but trimmed it with hand routers using bearing guide straight cut flush bits. It cuts ok, especially in the ‘hollow’ bit, it might get a bit chewy going across the ‘grain’ so to speak when it catches on the internal ribs, but abit of sanding with 120 grit and you should be fine.

just check you speeds and feeds as it could melt.

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So what do you set the machine on to cut it? Expanded PVC or something else. Also what about Foam board like the pink stuff from Home Depot? Just getting into cutting that stuff. TIA