Cutting depth with backer board

Hi, new to easel and x carve.

  1. Today I made a patterned outline cut through .5 in birch plywood with a backer board ( .5 inch ) .
  2. I used the Z probe as usual to do the setup. I positioned the artwork to be centered at the bottom left X/Y intersection.
  3. I set up the cutting depth to .5 in with tabs. ( material same depth )
  4. When I started the carve, the bit dug right into the material on the path to the area that was to be carved.
  5. The bit arrived at the area to be carved and carved deeper than what I have previously observed ( approx .25 in + )

Thus, from my observation it looked like the x carve wanted to start the carving deeper than usual.

Previously, I have used a backer board and set the depth to the thickness of the material I was cutting and it worked.

Any suggestions?

  • George