Cutting design smaller than designed

Ive had my xcarve for 6 years. Never had this happen before.

My workpiece is 12.5"x9"
Im cutting a union for a flag.
In easel, everything looks good. All settings are correct as far as size and shape, and depth. When carving, its cutting the design as if its a smaller union and stars (approx cutting a 9"x6" union).

Everything on the xcarve is original. I havent updated or changed anything to the machiene since i got it 6 years ago.
Could it be the easel driver?
Thanks in advance.

Tuesdays updates appear to have re-written a lot of ppls grbl settings.

Specifically the $100,101… you can go to machine >general settings>machine inspector to verify and make any changes. Here are the default settings

Thanks. Im an idiot. lol. When I started the machine today, I “set up machine”. (cleaned my cookies out last night). Well because easel is changing things everyday, I picked the wrong machine to set up, throwing everything off. Im good now. Thank you

How do i make changes? I see some of those $ are off

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