Cutting Detph

i have an issue with the carving that i have not had before. the shallow depth is on the 0 and the depth of the cut goes deeper as the carve continues along the length across the Y axis. I checked to see if the waste board height is higher at that end of the Y axis and its actually lower which would assume that the cuts would be shallower not deeper.
The file was to large to just import into easle so it was resized in aspire and then exported as a 3dstl which was imported to easle. in the easle program and Aspire they both look correct on the cutting.

That carve is truly amazing. You probably have thought of these things but as an old physics teacher I can’t help talking about geometry. The plane of the waste board must be parallel to the plane that is scribed by the bottom of the bit as us carves your work and the plane of the board you are cutting must also be parallel to the plane the bit carves. I don’t believe there is any software out there that will change the z axis to compensate for waste board issues (as you can do with a 3d printer), Again, you probably know this, but you might run a pass on the waste board to carve a perfectly parallel plane on the waste board to the bottom of the carving bit. Once you are sure that your waste board is a parallel plane, then you can carve the top of your stock. Usually if there is a mechanical error in the machine it wouldn’t be as consistent. …one other thought although highly unlikely. If somehow a bolt supporting the gantry were loose, causing the one side to drop after you started carving, it may have caused the plane of the cutting tool to have the same issue. Again, amazing work.

Thank you for the compliment . I checked the parallelism from the bit to the waste board, That was my first thought. what confuses me with it is that the shallow side in the picture is what the carve should be that was the closest side to the (X,Y) of 0. When measuring from the bit to the waste board I established a set height for a z dimension of .030". when i travel the gantry to the opposite end the height is .033" across a 16" travel meaning the waste board is off .003" in the lower direction. this should indicate that the depth of the carve should be .003" less than the established z dimension set when i zero the start of the carve. However in this carve the depth increased as it travelled across the plane that is lower which is the part that is confusing me. If the depth of the cut on that end was shallower then it would make sense.

I suspect when you had it in Aspire for re-sizing, you tilted it.

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