Cutting diagonal

I have tried to see if there is any post that describe my question,
but I didn´t find any. So I post it here, hope it´s a right place to ask

I´m about to cut a big sign (900mm long)
How do I do to cut it diagonal
It´s to long to put on the board fron left to right. and there is no place on the end
for the clamps.

Thank´s Robert
That was a new word (tiling) in my vocabulary
I improve my English every time I talk to you guys on this forum
And that´s good, I like that


Sorry Robert
It did not help watching that video.
I would like to cut it all in one piece,
That’s why I thought if I stuck the diagonally
I maybe I could cut it all at once
I mean diagonally
From the lower left corner and diagonally up to
The right corner
Is it possible to do so?

Some simple math (a^2 + b^2 = c^2):

sqrt(2*(750^2)) = approx. 1060

So you have approximately 1060 mm on the diagonal.

You’ll need to rotate your design by 45 degrees and figure out where you want to zero the design. It won’t be a conventional zero location. Most likely just zero at the origin of the board.

How wide is the sign? That will also affect where you can place the sign board. Assuming a 3:1 W:H ratio, that means your sign is 300 mm wide. At 300 mm, your board edges would be about 212 mm from the origin point, which also changes your usable diagonal distance by shortening it by 150 mm which leaves you with a 910 mm diagonal and so your 900 mm sign just barely fits.

What I suggest doing is creating a project in Vcarve or Easel that is the size of the work grid (use 750x750 to be conservative) and then create a rectangle the size of your board, rotate that rectangle by 45 degrees and then move it around to make sure it fits.

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I´ll give it a try in my Aspire or easel
and see if I got it right

The tricky part is lining up the board with where it is going to cut.

I have and approach to this using a trick from my embroidery machine, you cut a outline of the board first to use as a guide to clamp it in place.

So you would make the project size be the cut area of your machine. And make a box outline of the wood you are going to carve on,
You clamp down the bigger sheet of material. Probably plywood or mdf. And do a thin cut of the board outline.

Then using the cut to align the board, clamp or screw it into place.

Keeping the same zero point (adjusting the Z height as needed) cut the final project.

Does that make sense?

Cut a small line in your waste board at the end points and use as registration marks to place your board to that point. It will be exact because the machine made the marks. No guess and no measuring or measuring errors