Cutting F1 tracks

I’ve been asked by a friend to make table center pieces for his wedding. Each table will be named after a Formula 1 track. I started with trialing Silverstone (british GP) track

So the plan it to cut the track with a small card holder which will have a trivial question about the circuit.


Cool Idea! Very unique

Very nice and a great idea!

ALL THE LIKES!!! I’ve seen framed versions of these that are quite expensive. This is such a great idea!

Very cool idea! When cutting something that ends up being so thin, what’s your process? How do you secure the piece? Would love some insight on this sort of thing.

I ended up pausing the program half way though and screwed the centre bit which would become waste down to the waste board as I was worried the tabs would break off. Other than that I didn’t do anything special. Used a family high feed rate and a 2mm cutting depth.

For mine, I use a bit of spray adhesive to a bit of throwaway material and then clamp the whole thing down and then cut without tabs. I haven’t had too many issues separating the material from the wasteboard.

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