Cutting Foam

Hi All,

I have an x-carve and have been using it to cut foam for a tools. I am using easel at the moment to import pictures of the tools i have taken using a light box, importing them into easel where i can easily size them to achieve an accurate fit. Everything on that end is going great but when go to cut them out the x-carve seams to generate the wrong tool path. It travels in the wrong direction not cutting the foam more pushing it out of the way leaving a terrible finish. Sometimes though-out the carve it does travel in the right direction and i can see the result i am looking for. I can’t seam to find a way to change this so i am looking for any solution that anyone can come up with. Easel is working so well for the first stage but is there other software i can easily do the same with and choose my own tool path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i really am at a stand still on this and want to be able to get this sorted.

Thanks Ben.

Can you share the project?
When it “generates the wrong toolpath”, what do you see exactly? Easel doesn’t generate the most efficient toolpaths, but it will generate the appropriate ones.
What bit are you using?
Try an “air cut”…does the machine do what’s it’s supposed to?
A video might help as well?

Perhaps you are talking about climb or conventional cutting?
I think Easel cuts both ways without discretion and the user can not specify preference.

You need a different CAM environment to do that.

it could also be that the bit is spinning the wrong direction. the reason i say this is that I broke my little 60deg engraving bit, and tried one for a Dremel because i could buy it locally. turns out the dremel spins opposite the dewalt, and it would just rub instead of cut.

Under Easel pro you can choose three different patterns the tool will take if you are clearing larger areas than the bit diameter.

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but your interest and replies are appreciated. Busy with work. I will try and get a video of the good verses bad finish up later this week.

I have a specific foam bit i bought but have tried a few more with varying setting the current bit leaves a great finish when the tool path goes clockwise but when going anticlockwise it roughs the edges fraying them.

This is all new to me. Dont know what an air cut is can you explain and I’ll give it a go?

Basically, just run the job with no stock or with your zero set well above your material. Cut the air. No reason to turn router on either.

Ok did a little test today so you can see what’s happening. When cutting the tools path was anti clockwise and you can see the finish in the second picture the inside edge of the cut is great. Then in the third picture the finish on the outside edge which is the one I need to be good as all the inside material will be removed is terrible in comparison.