Cutting it to deep

Prior test cuts showed good with only .5 inch thick material. Now that I’m using 1.90 inch material height the bit drives into the wood. I have done all the trouble shooting and the machine has a pre check every time it’s used. I’ve checked my wheels and nuts and all looks and move smoothly.

I need a cut at .125 but its cutting at almost .375.

Are you zeroing your bit on top of the material each time? You can’t/shouldn’t use the previous zero if you change material with different heights because it will assume the material height is the same and will cut to the same height above the wasteboard.

I am having the same problem. My X Carve is cutting through my wasteboard and I cannot figure out why.

It’s been awhile but I finally had time in the shop this morning.

My carves are still acting the same, there cutting great on the left but as it goes to carve the letters on the right it’s deeper. Left depth is .127 and right is .220. My waste board is level, height of the x and y-axis are level to the board and the material is perfectly flat, and the font is the same.

Please help I’m beginning to feel as this was a complete waste of time and money.

So if I zero my bit to one corner of the project then jog the bit around the workpiece and it stays the same height, then it’s what?

PhilJohnson I agree that it’s a simple search of keywords and I have done this, however, I do believe this is just one of those oddities that others have experienced.

Problem solved. When I put thread locker on all the pullies I forgot to put it on the Acme rod pulley.