Cutting Monogram has started going off path in the middle of the cut . Help

I have cut out around 75-85 22" x 22" circle Monograms . Now all of a sudden i am getting off path during the middle of the cut and the x axis seems to be grinding at some point. I first thought it was the plywood but have had it happen in the last three tries. Adjusted the V Wheels to make sure they are all the same on the X axis and worked fine till the last cut on my project and then all of s sudden it went off path. What am I missing have a 1000 x 1000 with x controller. Have several more to get out before Christmas and need help or what to try and look for . also cutting with straight bit and have changed them out also . I am making 4 paths on 1/2" plywood . should i take five or more . all the others were fine at four

Grinding noise = stepper being held back, increased friction somewhere in the chain of mechanics.
No grinding noise = something is slipping, poor wire contact or stepper driver overheating. (Xcontroller => overheat unlikely)

What feed rate are you cutting with and what bit diameter?

45 moved down to 41 still did it

thank you for your quick reply

What bit diameter?
Try 45IPM and 1/16" depth per cut with a fresh bit.

the black ring straight cut . 1/8" shank and 1/8" cutting

If its being bogged down maintain feed rate and rpm (16k) but reduce cut per pass to 50% to see if that equal a change in behaviour.

Carefully clean the wheels and the rails on the X Gantry. Check the bearing on the wheels - if they get gunked they will bind.
Other options:

  • Reduce the depth of cut.
  • Increase RPM.
  • Decrease the feed rate.