Cutting out actual emblem

HI guys, trying to learn my X Carve and Easel. I’m able to cut ok, but I’m trying to figure out how to actually cut the emblem out of the mdf. I have the lines set at .02 to trace using a 1/16th upcut(best I have right now). Without having to cut the emblem out on a square or circle, how do I cut the actual emblem shape?


Create a shape of your desired cutout, set cut to ‘outside’ and depth to max.

Ok, I’m engraving/cutting on MDF. This is the emblem. A Stallion. I’d like it to be cut fully around the mane and all. Cut out. The depth I want for inner is .015-.02 so I can paint.

Thank you for the help!!!

Did you get it figured out?

No sir, I haven’t had time to mess with it yet.

Create a copy of the outermost line of your carving, change to outline-outside cut, and then set cut depth to max.

You then can adjust holding tabs (yellow circles)