Cutting out an image?

I have an image of a motorcycle that used a 60 degree v bit to carve into wood, however i would now like to cut the image (just the motorcycle) out now from the wood to just have the motorcyle. Is this possible and how can I achieve this? Thank you.


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select motorcycle, go to Tools (Lego Button) and use offsetter V2 . generate an offset, then combine the resulting offset (as soon as the offset finishes and the screen closes, press crtl+J)
Then set this new design element to “Outside the path” and make it the depth of your material… you might want to move this to a different workspace (best way to do this is to click the arrow at the workpiece panel at the bottom and select “Duplicate” then delete off the old engraved motorcylce part, set the perimeter to use an endmill to cut it out, run the carve job…

I kinda to something extremely similar with these catch all trays, but I also add a pocket which complicates the process a little more, but you can see the offset and the new workpiece… all of the stuff i described above…

Wow! I can’t thank you enough for the quick response I am so happy. Thank you so much again!


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