Cutting out Names in Easel

Hello. i have been running my MK2 for about 5 months now,and loving it. I have used Easel Pro since day one,and I have cut some pretty great projects. But this one I am having trouble with. How do I use Easel to cut out lettering, more precise
, names. Similar to this one. TIA

What didn’t work when you tried?
Just set the toolpaths to cut outside the text. You may need to combine the text if it’s setting overlapping vectors

Some more information would be helpful. We can make assumptions about what kind of troubles you are having, but without knowing what the actual problem is, it is hard to tell you how to fix it. Can you post some screenshots of your work or share the project so that we can see what you are up against?

When it comes to small and narrow lettering like this, it is likely that the bit you are trying to use is too big. Even a 1/8 endmill is too big to cut lettering like this. Use the Detailed Preview to see what it is going to do, and try changing the bit option to something smaller like 1/16 or 1/32. What is the material and thickness that you are trying to cut, and do you want it to go right through like the picture you posted?

Thank you for responding. Let me rephrase waht I was getting at. The first pic is a project I seen ,I think on Easel project page when I first started,and I thought ,that would be easy to make.

So I forgot all about it really all these months. Till recently one of my MANY neices came up to me and showed me a sign of this type of carve.
name sign
so she asked me if I could make one for their expecting little one coming soon. I said I can try. But what I cant do is figure out how to do this,or create this in Easel Pro. I have had a suggestion to set my tool path on outside cutting path from NeilFerreri1. I have not tried it as of yet,but probably this weekend. Sorry for the confusion on my part. It will be on 1/2" plywood,probably, and im sure it will be big enough to use a 1/8" compression bit. If I can just figure out how to get the design into Easel.

Okay, we are starting to get somewhere. More information is always good.

So I think I have a reasonable grasp on what it is that you are trying to achieve, but I am still not certain of what you are struggling with.

Let’s break it down.

What is the name that you want to cut?

What are the dimensions (how tall and wide) that you want the name to be?

Create a new project in Easel that is at least the size of what you want to cut. I made one that is 12x12 inches, just as an example.

Use the Text tool to choose a font you like and type the name. I chose to use Allura, but you should have plenty of other options. Once you have the text, you can stretch the box to make it bigger to fill your workpiece.

When you select the text box, you will also get another toolbar with Shape and Cut at the top. Click on Cut, and down at the bottom where it says Cut Path, select Cut Outside Shape Path. Grab the slider bar and pull it all the way down to the bottom, and it will cut through. You can also choose whether you want to use tabs or not, I would, and then they are easy to cut and sand off.

That’s it! Pretty easy.

Here is the project for reference. Easel - Untitled

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