Cutting out Negative Shape

Good afternoon
I have created a circle with a name inside and I cannot figure out how to cut the negative shapes inside the circle so as to leave the name solid inside attached to the sides of the circle with empty space around the name.
Each time I try and machine it I end up with a see through name and a solid disk.
Any help would be appreciated

I had terrible trouble with that in creating one of my first custom projects … a simple plaque linked below. It drove me mad for awhile 'til I figured it out, but I eventually stumbled into it.

I’m not on a computer with Easel now, so someone may correct me, but play around with the “move to top” settings in the edit menu. It definitely matters how the different carve parts are stacked.

Is this what you’re talking about?

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Much better example. Hurrah for an awesome community.


It is a copy of the Customisable Ornament that I am trying to replicate. Thanks