Cutting Out Signs

I’m looking to make some signs using a cursive font. I want to outline the letters so I just have the words. However, whenever I important an SVG with the font the outline path will cut into the next letter. I’ve tried to use inkscape and illustrator. Suggestions?

have you made sure you set the cut style correctly?

yes, it does it with all of the cut styles, it is outlining each individual letter, instead of the word

your wanting a contour? like an offset around the word?

I want the word, This is what is happening. If you notice, there are paths inside the letters.

In ink scape convert the font to curves then weld…then but will be one piece

You can do it I’m illustrater to…same thing…

Yeah, weld the letters together. You might be able to do it right in Easel. Select them all at the same time, go to the Edit menu, and choose “combine” or something like that, and that should do it for you. Good luck!

Thanks that works, I don’t know why I didnt think of that!

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