Cutting outside of line

3 month listener, first time caller. Just starting. Need advise.

I want to clear the outside of the line. I would like the outside to look like the inside. It’s called clear out pocket.
How do I do that?
Also, how does one attach a picture?


You want the Portion of the 24x24 Square that is currently showing as a grid so be pocketed out?

To Do this ADD a rectangle, set to 24x24 (or your desired size if you want some frame like portion) and then Select “Send to Back”
Then Select the Perimeter Arrow, Set the Depth to 0 and Set as “Clear out Pocket” and use the "send forward/backward options to place it in between that rectangle and the other arrow portion.

Easel works with Layering, so you’ll have to stack the layers to achieve the desired effect…

Thank you Seth. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

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