Cutting Outside, On Line, and Inside Shape

Where did the “cut path” options go? I can’t find them in my standard easel software now. cut path

It seems that this particular shape I’m trying to cut just won’t allow the different cut path options. The original file was an SVG with several different shapes. The other shapes DO have cut path options but this shape does not. I assume that has something to do with the actual file itself? Any way to fix that within easel without having to start over with a new file?

Copy and paste the object into a new work-piece or project and see if the options show up …?


Brandon Parker

If your path is open you can’t select those options. There were several posts somewhere in the forum about this, but I can’t remember exactly which. It’s something I’m still working on, I sometimes get this problem with svgs I’ve “obtained” and am still trying to master fixing these in Inkscape.

Could you share the file? or just the piece that is giving you trouble?