Cutting oval cirkles and strange cutting

My X carve is really frustrating right now ,it has been working ok all the thime , but
Some weeks Ago itsuddenly stops working ok ,
The cutting is verk bad , when cutting it cut oval cirkles ,
If i use 1/8 bit i set the Z too 1 mm
but when it starts the second turn its not Going in the same spot as the first one ,
It can bee 1 mm off .
I have check all nuts so its not loose, and i think them is ok ,

And the machine is pretty stable.

How Will i troubleshoot this issue, its wery frustrating right now?`Preformatted text


Did you check your belts and make sure they are tensioned correctly? Also make sure the little grubs that hold the pulley tight on the z axes are all in and tight.

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Thank you,
i should go over it more this weekend and look for the belt tension and v vheels.

I saw that one v wheels on the z carriage was a bit on the delrin was broken ,
but the mowement up and down was ok for my eyes ,
but could that be a possible reason that the machine not workening probably ?

i have a old shapeoko 2 as i use as a laser engraver right now ,
i will take a correct V wheel from that and try to se whats happen.