Cutting problem

Hello. I have a problem, can not you tell me what should be caused by this, such a cutting, I think that the belt problem I bought but it is still on the way …


I have never had such a problem, new cnc size 1750 mm x1750 mm workBee, X controller.

Did you use Easel to design your carve? Can you share the project so wecan take a look at the intended toolpath, compared to what you got?

This is a project I have noticed about this problem

I also have X carve 500x500 when I’m preparing it no problem.
X cavre 500x500 does not control x controller

Lack of sufficient rigidity for the cutting forces applied.

When the bit plunge/retract there are almost no sideway force applied to X/Y-axis but when it start to cut the bit is pulled sideways in opposite direction from the cutting forces. So it deflects, any machine will do this to a certain extent but the amount os less on larger/professional machines. (which also usually offer tool compensation for defelction, wear etc)

thanks. I thought about it too … the solution is something? There is no small mechanism for such an error because of the size … What solution can be found?