Cutting through 1.5" thick pine bit recommendations

Morning. Brand new machine, brand new user. I’ve read so many threads here but the old questions have outdated links and the new questions seem to go unanswered. I have a lot to learn and for every answer I have another question so I’m just looking a a few recommendations or links to push me in the right direction while I keep reading and learning.

I would like to cut through 2x6 pine wood. It’s roughly 1.5" thick. I don’t need a beautiful cut just quick and dirty all the way through. Can someone link me a few bit recommendations and/or settings so I have a good start to my next screw up? :rofl:

Bits and Bits has a deep cut 1/4" with 1 1/2" CL.

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You want an upcut, probably 2-flute, with a 1.5" cut height. Check ToolsToday as well.
That said, you can get away with a shorter cut height as long as the shank is the same diameter or smaller than the cut. Just make sure your collet doesn’t rub on the workpiece.

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Thank you both so much. That will save me a little reading until I’m further in understanding.