Cutting through entire board

I set my depth to cut the entire depth of the board. .75 in thick board and cut depth set to .75. The cut didn’t go through. What bit is best for cutting through and what should i do to get all the way through the board?


Did it almost cut through or miss by a lot? Were there areas where it cut through (deeper) more than others? First I’d make sure the surface of your wasteboard has been flattened. Then I’d measure the thickness of what your cutting and be as accurate as you can be when you input the thickness of your material in Easel or whatever design program you’re using. Most cases a 3/4" piece of plywood is usually over/under by a small margin and not exactly 3/4". The bit shouldn’t matter as long as your material thickness and depth of cut are the same and your wasteboard has been flattened. Also, make sure your material thickness is consistent across the whole board. Wherever you probe your z-axis is where it will measure the thickness. If you probe your z at a high spot then it won’t cut through on a low spot, if that makes sense. Also also, make sure your material is flat to the board and not bowing up in the middle or where you are probing your z-axis. This can also affect it not going through completely.



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