Cutting Through Vinyl Mask

Hello everyone!

For projects that require masking for painting, I have had success using Oracal 631 and Inventables V-carve bits with very crisp results.

However, I am trying to use a 1/8 downcut bit from Inventables on the 631 and strands of the cut vinyl are accumulating on the bit. It appears to cut mostly fine when this happens, but not wanting to break a bit, I pause the operation every 3-5 minutes during the operation to remove the excess with a pair of pliers and start it backup.

Anyone have any suggestions? Change bit? Change vinyl?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have used Oracal 631 and have had luck with the 1/8" - 2 flute straight bit that Inventables sells.


I use the oramask 813 with a down cut bit and have never had any trouble with it coming up or sticking to the bit.

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